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About Us


And the website LAPLUME.AE

A local company based in UAE

The site and the application aim to facilitate the process of tailoring abayas and meet the needs of women and save effort and time on them and provide high-quality products.

LA PLUME Mobile APP and the website LAPLUME.AE

Is a place that brings lovers of online shopping for abaya and fashion products.

La Plume offers you distinctive products in the world of design and fashion and we present in a modern platform has a prestigious place in the world of creativity and innovation keen on the quality of fabrics and accessories used, note that the electronic application helps you to choose the right abaya in terms of size and save time and effort and that all abayas displayed in the application According to your needs.

(Note that we use the best quality for abaya fabrics and also all cloves and crystals from Swarovski)

We are working to become LA PLUME the first online store to showcase fashion products in the UAE, it is enough to tour our platform to discover hundreds of unique products that combine authenticity and modernity, inspired by the traditional Emirati civilization in particular, and the Gulf and Arab in general, and specifically targeted to women with high sense and sophistication.

Our Vision

  • Exclusivity through the diversity of designs.
  • Set an example in the Gulf abaya industry to be LA PLUME the first destination and symbol of elegance and creativity.
  • Excellence in reformulating traditional standards.

    Our Mission

    • Raise the level of fashion in traditional Gulf abayas.
    • To be a leader in the Gulf abaya industry through innovative and elegant designs.
    • Redefine traditional abaya standards by adding innovative and distinctive designs.
    • Improve the design of abaya to be developing  fashionable

    Our Goal

    • To be the first Emirati application in making Gulf fashion in a distinctive and innovative way that suits the times.
    • Our goal of the application is to meet your high sense in the field of fashion under the hands of the best experts on the latest fashion lines.