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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Your privacy has been important to LA PLUME Mobile APP& Web Online Store:  LAPLUME.AE   and will always be.  With that in mind we have come up with a privacy policy that will cover our collection, use, disclosure, storage and transfer of the personal information that you share with us. Familiarize with our privacy practices and give us your views about it.

1.       What type of personal information does LA PLUME Mobile APP& Web Online Store:  LAPLUME.AE   collect from you?

·         The information that you give us

You share such information with us when you open an account with us when you post, search, buy fill a questionnaire or when you communicate with the customer care department.

·         Mobile: most of the mobile devices that you use share vital information. You can disable the location services on your phone so that it does not disclose your location automatically. For more information about how you can disable the automatic data sharing system on your phone, I suggest that you contact your mobile service provider.

·         Automatic information

Some of the automatic information that we collect and analyze include the internet protocol (IP) that enables us to access your location, the kind of phone or computer you are using, your location, email address, password, the type of browser, the time zone setting, purchase history, the operation system on the phone or computer, the types and versions of plugins that are used on the browser, which we aggregate with the similar information collected from the other users to come up with the features us the top sellers;  Uniform Resource Locator (URL) that integrates the search history, the products purchased, the products viewed, cookie number, date and time and the other important data that you shared on the website as a way of preventing fraud. We may also collect session information using tools such as JavaScript to collect information on the length of visits to certain pages, download errors, response times and the methods that you used to browse the pages. We may also collect essential technical data that will help us deal with the cases of fraud.

·         Information from the other sources

The information that we collect from the other sources include the updated delivery address from the third parties that will help us to make the process of delivery much more efficient for our clients. It should be noted that we collect all the information for the benefit of the clients.

2.       How accurate is the personal data provided to LA PLUME Mobile APP& Web Online Store:  LAPLUME.AE   ?

You declare that the information that share with us is accurate and that at the date which you have transmitted the data to us is true to the best of your knowledge and that the use of the information does not contravene our policies and will not be defamatory to the other people.  We trust that you have and will always provide correct information. 

3.       How secure is the information that I share?

The security of the information that you share is guaranteed on our end but you also have to secure your account with a reliable password to prevent third parties from accessing your account. We use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software to encrypt the information you input, preventing it from getting into the wrong hands. We only reveal the last four digits when confirming the order for security purposes. However we share the full credit card number to the appropriate credit card company during the processing of an order. 

4.       What about the cookies?

Cookies are important because they identify you and helps us to tailor the web content that suits you so that you enjoy easier website navigation. You have the option of accepting or rejecting the cookies. We only use the cookies for your convenience when you are visiting the site.  They save some information on your computer hard disk to help you access the information much easier the next time you visit the site.

5.       What are your rights?

In the case where you are concerned about your data, you can request access to the personal information that we are holding about you. You also have the right to request the change in any inaccuracies about at no cost. You also have the right to privacy at all times.